Sarah McKinley, 18, mother and widow, had to shoot and kill an intruder who broke into her home armed with a huge knife. If she had not resisted, she would have likely been raped and murdered painfully and her baby may have been a murder victim too.

Sarah lives in Oklahoma, a state whose good people and even the politicians understand people have the right to self-defense. She was not charged for killing a scumbag who meant her no good. However, many people in other states who have stopped rapists or have worked to get them punished have wound up in court on trumped-up charges, pushed by corrupt prosecutors. Sherri Bevan Walsh, prosecutor of Summit County, Ohio, and her minions have misused their authority corruptly to punish opponents of child molesters who she and her people protect.

Ms. Walsh is not alone. There are many corrupt and incompetent prosecutors and police. When government does not protect the people, the people have to protect themselves, sometimes by vigilante means. Look how Cleveland officials persecuted black citizens who rousted fugitive sex offenders while looking to save Shakira Johnson. When a parent kills a child molester, or a woman wounds a would-be rapist, or when neighbors of a sex offender apprehend him or drive him out and prosecutors take the side of the sexual predators, these good people need help.

If you are an attorney, please consider donating your talents to defending those who defend the vulnerable. If you are a researcher or investigator, please consider donating your talents to assist lawyers who defend the defenders of the vulnerable. If you can donate to their defense funds, please do so. And please work to throw out of office those who protect rapists and child molesters.

If you are a child defender in trouble, contact me, Kevin Sherlock, at (330) 882-4690. We will publicize your case and try to get you help. I have walked in your shoes. We will never criticize you for defending women and children when the law couldn't or wouldn't.