Contact your senators and member of Congress in Washington, DC. The main phone number is (202) 224-3121. Ask for your senators and representative. Call their offices and tell the aides to push for a law that makes sex offenders pay for their surveillance. Point them to this website. Invite them to call me, Kevin Sherlock, at (330) 882-4690. (Warning to vermin: We are monitoring calls. Call with evil intent, and your life will become much more entangled with the law.)
All politics are local. Talk with your county prosecutor and state representatives and and their opponents in the coming elections. Don't overlook your mayors, council members, county commissioners, judges, police chiefs, or sheriffs. Tell them about the idea to make sex offenders pay for vastly increased monitoring of sex offenders. Suggest they check out this website and call me, Kevin Sherlock, at (330) 882-4690. Suggest they get such a law for your state. Give them an opportunity to be pioneers instead of sheep. Work for those who will carry this idea into law. Officials, feel free to use these ideas as your own. We want results, not credit.

Call talk shows and write to blogs and other websites about this idea. Let as many people know about it as you can.

Look at our LINKS page. Work with any group whose mission matches your own ideas and skills.

Let us know if a politician or prosecutor or other official gives you a hard time or opposes the idea. We will spotlight these people as friends of rapists who are unworthy to hold office.

If you're a believer, pray as if it depends on God and work as if it depends on you. We welcome your help and prayers. If you're an agnostic or atheist who agrees with us, your work for this cause is also welcome. It shows you have a conscience and a sense of justice.

Most sex offense victims live anonymously, often in fear. A few become known to us because of their terrible fates. Even the famous include in their ranks the abused. One was Joan of Arc, who was raped in prison and burned to death at the command of the English.
Joan knew the gross injustice of trial and prison from bitter personal experience. She fought her captors, defended herself boldly and insolently in court, and tried to escape from prison. She liked men and wanted to marry, but did not want to be raped, especially by the oppressors of her homeland. What cost Joan her life was her putting on her military trousers to stop English soldiers and "noblemen" from raping her in prison. Besides, prison guards had stolen her dress. Saint Joan's attempt to protect herself from further sexual abuse was a pretense her enemies used to execute her before a mob in the most painful way imaginable.

Sex offenders rape and molest hundreds of thousands of victims in our nation each year. Let's make it a hell of a lot harder for these swine. Push for sex-offender-paid survellance and other reforms. Girls, boys, and young women are counting on you.