Let's recap what we need to make officials do to protect children and women from rapists.

We need a federal law to make them pay for unannounced monitoring on them every year!

Each year, each state must make each sex offender pay 1/40 the cost of hiring a state trooper to check on him 40 hours each year. This money would fund about 40 hours of unannounced police checking and surveillance on each of these vermin. Rapists basically aren't being watched now.

Failure to pay so means molesters go to jail. Providing false and/or incomplete sex offender registration info means molesters go to prison.

We should also forbid released sex offenders from living within 1000 feet of any dwelling with children, or any school or daycare facility, or place where children gather. Serial child rapist Scott Dietz and his prosecutor mate Jean Workman (homely and looking for love) were spotted at a place crawling with children. She is still fat and happy as a prosecutor type. This picture shows what's wrong with the present situation of unmonitored rapists and lazy and/or corrupt officials.

We should fire and jail police, prosecutors, and
politicians who cover for sex offenders. We should
also defund their offices until they are replaced by
those who will protect victims instead of rapists.

We must cut from all federal and state government
contracts and aid and grants any organization
whose personnel do not report suspected child
sexual abuse. We must also revoke their licenses,
fine them, and jail them.

We must make realtors disclose to property owners if a prospective buyer is a registered sex offender. Greedy realtors blockbust neighborhoods and destroy property values of innocent property owners, and put children and young women at great risk.

We can make sex offenders pay for putting thousands of aggressive police officers on the street checking them out if we have the will to protect our nation's children. Accurate databases of sex offenders, paid for by sex offenders, will also help police and the public fight them.

Constant unannounced checking of sex offenders, and independent verification of their residences, cars, jobs, schools, and other info, will keep most sex offenders from getting too comfortable. It will also hurt their enablers, like mothers, sex partners, relatives, and other dirtbag associates. This will prevent many rapes and murders of teenagers and younger children and young women.

Contact your senators and reps and demand they push for laws that will make these very reasonable things happen. Homeland security begins with the safety of our most vulnerable.