Martha Coakley, top left, casually watches one of her goons knock down a reporter who dared ask her a tough question. She is the Massachusetts Attorney General. She allows people to get away with crimes if it will help her politically. She let bad cop Keith Winfield, who sodomized and burned a toddler's anus and vagina with a hot curling iron, roam free by manipulating his case. The monster's dad was a political ally of hers. The little girl's mother had to hire a private attorney to secure some justice. The molester and torturer is now in prison for life, no thanks to Martha.

Terapon Adhahn, top right, raped and murdered a number of young girls. He was supposed to be deported to his native Thailand. Federal and state officials let him stay and didn't check on him. Officials in Washington even enlisted Adhahn to help them try to weasel their way out of a lawsuit the parents of murder victim Zina Linnik brought against them for their gross negigence and lying.

David Wu, the goofy Oregon congressman in a cat suit, evidently sexually assaulted a teenager who was the daughter of one of his friends and supporters. John Wayne Gacy enjoyed some face time with Rosalynn Carter while she was First Lady. Gacy, the "Killer Clown," enjoyed politics, and being a serial rapist and murderer of teenage boys. Former Pres Bill Clinton and Veep Al Gore, not shown, have been charged credibly by several women of raping or sexually assaulting them, or (by Paula Jones) of exposure and trying to make her perform oral sex.