Most sex offenders who abuse children cover it up readily, by threatening children.

And all too often, prosecutors and police don't check on the sex offenders they know about.

The ugly truth is that police and prosecutors don't make it a priority to check on sex offenders.

Many thousands of sex offenders are violating sex offender reporting laws by giving false or incomplete info to authorities. The authorities in most cases do not verify the info.

Part of this is the result of so many crimes and not enough police and prosecutors to fight crime.

Part of this is the result of many police and prosecutors not caring enough, especially if the victims are poor, or are not pretty, or are black or Hispanic.

Part of this is due to prosecutor and police laziness and incompetence.

The cops shown (above left) allowed Jeffrey Dahmer to escape arrest when two young black women turned him in for raping a young Asian boy. Likewise, Scott Dietz escaped with breaking sex offender registration laws and escaped paying reimbursement to taxpayers who supported his girls while he was in prison for raping them because of the laziness, incompetence, and possible corruption of state and county law enforcement and welfare officials in Ohio.

Many sex offenders have the aid and abettance of a spouse or a sex partner or family, especially mothers. Scott Dietz said his parents covered for him. They still socialize with him. John Gardner, above right, the animal who raped at least three girls and murdered two of them, had cover from his mother, Cathy Osborn. Ms. Osborn, a psychiatric nurse and a vile degenerate, covered for her evil son as to where he was living (he was paroled after raping and viciously beating a teenage girl). and even registered in her name the truck he used to kidnap Amber Dubois and dispose of her body parts after he raped her and dismembered her.