Sex offense statistics are grossly inexact because of underreporting. But sources as divergent as the FBI and feminist groups believe sexual predators commit about 600,000 to 700,000 or more sex offenses each year. The average sex offender has several victims. Scott Dietz confessed he had five victims, including his daughters, sister, and cousins, all of whom were much younger than him when he molested and raped them.

More than half (about 55%) of all rape and other sex offense victims are girls and boys younger than 18.

Of total rape victims, 45% to 50% are girls. Another 8% to 10% are boys. Females 18 or older are about 40% to 45% of rape victims. Adult males are the rest of the victims (about 2%).

These numbers do not count rapes which occur in prisons or juvenile facilities or mental institutions. The vast majoritiy of rapists in these settings abused victims of the same sex.

Of female victims, girls 11 or younger are about 16% of victims, girls 12 to 15 are about 24% of victims, and girls 16 and 17 are about 11% of victims. Most adult female victims are 18 to 30.

Of male victims, almost 55% are boys 11 or younger. and about 30% are boys 12 to 17.

About 1/4 of all perpetrators are committing incest on their own children, sisters or brothers, cousins, nieces, or grandchildren, or are raping the daughter(s) or son(s) of the woman they are sleeping with. Scott Dietz raped his daughters and molested his sister and his cousins.

Although reporting is inexact, public school teachers and other school employees as a group probably molest more children than any other group of professions. Jerry Sandusky fits this profile. Teacher unions defend their molesters, and school boards like to keep money they've extorted from taxpayers instead of settling with victims.

One recent president and vice-president and far too many members of Congress in recent years also evidently committed sex offenses.

Five of every six sex offenders are 18 or older. About 90% are male. Most rape girls, but many rape boys. (Despite stories about loose female teachers with teen boys, the vast majority of victims ot female sex offenders are girls.)

The average adult female rape victim is victimized once. The average child rape victim is victimized dozens or hundreds of times. And children are far less likely to report being sexually abused than an adult woman is. Women know their rights, and what is wrong. Children are easier to intimidate and keep quiet. Scott Dietz's parents knew he was molesting his much younger sister but did not turn him in.

Putting registered sex offenders under much more surveillance (and requiring them to pay for it) will cut down on the number of their victims, especially children.