Politicians and ACLU types and teacher unions have defended sex offenders in Congress Hollywood, and the schools for decades. So we expect sleazes and dummies to oppose a common sense proposal such as making sex offenders pay for stepped-up surveillance.

Some told us it would be an extra punishment for sex offenders. No, it wouldn't. It would be a reflection of the cost of allowing sex offenders out of prison. They have to report now and obey the terms of their paroles or go back to prison as a condition of their release. DUI offenders pay more for car insurance because of the extra cost they pose to public safety if allowed to drive. Sex offenders need to pay for this form of child protection insurance. Lawyers, doctors, nurses, and other professionals have to pay thousands of dollars a year for liability insurance and continuing education to protect the public. Sex offenders need to do likewise.

Some complain poorer sex offenders couldn't afford to pay for their monitoring. "So what?" we said. Most sex offenders didn't serve their full sentences anyway. If they're back in jail, they're not raping children or young women, which is heartbreakingly costly in so many ways to the victims.

Let the ACLU and their ilk have bake sales for rapists' surveillance fees. They would have less money to spend on other brazen attacks against the public's safety, earnings, and traditions.

We told the political types politicians never give that sort of concern for poor taxpayers. Instead they garnish their wages, seize their cars, levy their bank accounts, and foreclose on their homes until the last penny plus exorbitant fines and interest are paid.

Truth is, the families, current sex partners, and other enablers of sex offenders help them with money. John Gardner's "Nurse Ratched" mother helped him hide and get a truck he could use to kidnap and murder girls like Amber Dubois. Scott Dietz's family and female prosecutor shack-up honey have covered for him, made it possible for him to rape his daughters for years, and helped him break sex offender reporting laws. Many other sex offenders have similar aid and comfort from Momma or Honey.

Politicians' aides complained to us the public would have to pay for imprisoning sex offenders caught up in such a dragnet. Guess what, political operatives? Rapists
need to be in prison! I asked them when was the last time they ever worried about spending the public's money?

It is far more costly to try to rebuild the shattered psyche of a child than to imprison the vermin who molests her or him. Forcing sex offenders to pay for their own surveillance will lead to the arrest and jailing of some of them, which will keep them from molesting the innocent while they are locked up. It will also make it harder for those who comply with the law to rape others. The pubic saves money not spent on arresting and trying more rapists and trying to treat victims. More importantly, many children and young women will not become victims if sex offenders are forced to pay for their own surveillance.

Bottom line? Our children and young women deserve protection, not rapists or officials who cover for them. Homeland security begins when our most vulnerable are protected.